Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Finishes

Midge had a birthday this past week so I made her a little something. Her favorite color is coral so I used some Art Gallery Reminence. I was in the mood for making hexies... so I did!

I was using fat quarters so the back was pieced with two different prints.  I "kitchened" up the fabric by adding in some measuring spoons. Midge loves text prints so I added a few of those and the "6" is the number of people in her family.

I used Amy's tutorial to make the potholder. I have made a few of these and they are fun to make.  For the front pocket I paper pieced the hexies, stitched them together, then cut the panel to the needed size.  I didn't want to cut off the hexies on the bottom of the hotpad holder so I only rounded the top corners and made my bias binding from a coral solid. The ribbon across the bottom of the towel and on the potholder is by Anna Maria Horner and is so soft!

One of Sam's friends had a birthday this week, too, so I made her a wide open zip. It was the first time I had made this and it was fun to put together. Hannah's favorite colors are soft pink, white, and turquoise so I used that for my color scheme. I used a vinyl on the bottom but it feels like leather ( thats why I bought it). I wasn't sure if it would work out but it did. It was a little tricky to not iron.

We filled it with some lip gloss, nail polish, and candy. I will definitely be making some more of these.

I made the little tag on the side using Larisa's tutorial. I stamped a butterfly on one side and Hannah's initials on the other.
I like to add a tag to the things I make but I usually forget. I made a couple of extras to have on hand and had fun making these. I am going to try and be better about remembering to add these.

For our Cheer Circle at do.Good Stitches the quilter asked for saturated greens. She wanted one part of the block to be low volume, whether it was the plus, or the X, or the background. This block has been on my to make list so I was happy to have the chance to make it. We used this tutorial which was very easy to follow. Have a fun weekend!! Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Friday!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Birthday Central

I know a lot of people with birthdays that fall the last 2 weeks of March- midApril. I have shown some peaks but now that some have received their gifts I can show all. For Marieka, who loves dandelions and hexies, I made a dandelion hot pad holder and a travel sewing kit. I made myself one of the sewing kits 2 or 3 years back and use it a lot. Hopefully Marieka will find it handy since she is addicted to making hexies at the moment. Her favorite color is blue so the back of the hot pad features a blue dandelion print. I have a niece who turned 13 who shares Marieka's birthday but my niece got a gift card.
For Jane I made a hot pad holder and a tea towel. I debated over color for her since she likes red and rainbows and in the end went with red. The back of the tea towel features a Cloud 9 print with garden cats since Jane loves cats. For the hot pad I used a pattern from Charise Creates for the paper pieced apple.

I had seen quilts with a self binding edge and thought I would try it out on a tea towel. It was fun for something different and i liked the color it adds around the edges.

The back of the hot pad is a pocket and one of my favorite Alexander Henry prints.

My friend Monika shares a birthday with Jane and another niece of mine. Three birthdays on the same day...I think that is a record! Monika celebrated a decade birthday (as did Jane but it was a different decade) so I was thinking retro when I made Monika's gift :). I made her and Jane's gift at the same time so they ended up being the same but different.  

I used one of Kristy's fun patterns for the hot pad holder  and some Riley Blake fabric.

I backed both the tea towel and the hot pad in the same retro kitchen print from JoAnn's. Monika's favorite color is red, too. So let's see, that is 5 birthdays down and 5 to go but I only need to make for 3 of the 5. Whew, but I do enjoy coming up with something to suit the intended recipient.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashback Friday: In the Beginning..There Were Wonky Blocks (but not on Purpose)

I wanted to learn how to quilt so I started making some blocks. Itty, bitty Farmer's Wife blocks with a billion pieces in a six inch space may not have been the best choice, but hey, I didn't know anything. I just started. They were kind of crooked and a bit wonky and some of my color choices were kind of crazy.

I learned something with every block and I was having fun. Then baby #6 was born and there were newborn feedings, etc and I set those blocks aside.

 After a month or so I thought I would try and make some larger blocks. I read about a new technique  (to me) that I wanted to try. I made half square triangles by sewing around two squares together then cutting them in half. It was a fun way to make HST's.
Then later that summer Sarah Jane released her first fabric line, Children at Play, and there were so many things I wanted to make. I made some dresses for the girls, craft items,  and this stroller quilt for the baby. I was inspired by a hopscotch print in the line and made a hopscotch in the center using the prints and a sidewalk mimicked with different shades of gray. The embroidery says, "Your dreams are just a hop, skip, and a jump away." The embroidered flower was a part of an embroidery pattern Sarah released too. I also decided to make the baby a quilt and bumper pads with Children at Play.
So I did. This was the first crib size quilt I ever made and am proud to say it is still in use today.

I still have a lot to learn and many areas to improve in. I do not have much time to designate to hobby play but I sure definitely enjoy the moments spent making quilts or crafting things for family, friends, or others. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Comings and Goings

Remember this little stack from a couple weeks ago?

It turned into this and the recipient should be receiving it any time now. The dandelion embroidery pattern came from While Wearing Heels. I used my friend Amy's awesome sewing kit tutorial to make the sewing kit. I have used both this tute and the one to make a patchwork kit and I love them both; it is a very fun sew!

The inside can be used to accommodate a paper piecing project or embroidery.
On to more goings I have finished my bee blocks for the month. Jane is Queen for March. She asked  Kristy to draw up a stationery block which was inspired from an Australian stationery story called Smiggle. It is a cute store and all products in the store are based in groups of 5 colors (don't quote me on that number as we do not have the store here in the U.S.). Each of us chose one of the Smiggle colors plus Jane added a couple of rainbow blocks. She wanted the blocks with the single color to be monochromatic. As you can see, I chose green. The lined fabric is a notebook and going clockwise, there is an eraser, a pencil holder with scissors and pencils then 3 pens lying to the side. It was a fun block to make and I am looking forward to seeing what Jane makes with the blocks.

For do.Good Stitches this month the quilter requested a low volume 9 patch with a blue center as well as a blue wonky star block using this tutorial. These blocks were both very fun to make. I love all things with stars :)

I received this little cutie in the mail the other week from Susie. She was my partner in a strawberry swap last summer and this was a strawberry she wanted to send too but she didn't have the pattern then.

It is a sweet scissor keeper which she even sent a pair of scissors in! It has pretty beads sewn on like the cushion she made me and I love the embroidery. Thanks so much Susie!!

Here are my Susie goodies altogether except the key fob which is kind of dirty after all the use it gets day after day :)

My friend Amy won this jelly roll of Anna Maria Horner's True Colors last month. Amy sews kid's clothes for her daughter, niece, and nephews, oh, and her American Girl dolls. She is always making me laugh and is one of the sweetest people ever! She couldn't see herself ever using a jelly roll so she sent it to me. What a sweet surprise that was and I will definitely be putting it to good use!

 Tina had a blog giveaway for her anniversary and I won this fat quarter stack of Pearl Bracelets. These are another great blender I love to mix in projects as they can mix and match with so many fabric lines.

Maybe these two could even work together?!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday Paper Piecing Party: Sew Kitschy

I have been busy sewing up little things this week and a couple of them involved paper piecing so I am linking up to the amazing Kristy's Paper Piecing Party. This bowl block is free this month in Kristy's Craftsy shop until March 31 Australian time, which is a day ahead of U.S. time. This is the third block in her Sew Kitschy block of the month series. This was a fun, quick block to put together!! I was going for a retro look but things got too "patterny" and too much the same scale. I don't dislike it enough to change things but am making a mental note to mix up the fabric scale next time. I love the Bake Sale prints by Lori Holt and in my excitement wanted to use them all in this project (but I did keep it to 2 of the prints).

I took the block, added some cross hatch quilting,  and turned it into a hot pad holder. I sandwiched a layer of Insul Bright between 2 layers of batting and quilted away. It looked too square so I used a bowl to curve the corners. I didn't think things through and was working from the back to curve the corners. When I flipped it to the front I had nearing chopped into the spoon. Thankfully I didn't! The binding is thinner on the front than the back to not cover the design.
I used a retro kitchen tool themed fabric for the back.
For my next hot pad holder I used the apple pattern from here. This, too, was a quick, fun pattern to put together. She also has the Circle pattern to shape your hot pad holder in her tutorial section.
I used this cheery apple print from Alexander Henry for the back. The apple print creates a pocket to put your hand into to make easy use of the potholder :) Happy Friday!!!

Paper Piecing Party

Friday, March 14, 2014

Flashback Friday: My Favorite Signs of Spring

The sun moving closer and feeling warmer,

Checking the pool temperature and the wheelbarrow,


my blooming daffodils,

a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun,

new buds on our Red Maple tree,

fresh cut tulips,

all the weeds are green instead of brown,

so many trees in bloom,

puffy, white clouds.

Then in late spring there are the wild garlic that blooms and
our lilac trees. Photos taken between 2007-2012.
Happy Friday!!!