Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday: A Lizzy House Knockoff

I joined in on the Great Pillow Fight swap on flickr. Usually when i do a swap I try and make something on my quilty bucket list or try a new to me technique. I fell in love with the Lizzy House Meadow quilt (which you can find on flickr) a couple of years ago. The pattern is not available but LizzyHouse teaches the quilt as a workshop. She hasn't come close to where I live so I decided to try to make my own version of her quilt into a pillow. Her quilt is gorgeous with a lot of pieced curves. I cheated and made mine with patchwork and appliqué. My partner loves brights and Alison Glass which I did not have. One f my IG friends shared her Alison Glass with me then I added in a little Cotton and Steel, LizzyHouse (of course!!!), some Anna Maria Horner, and a dash of Violet Craft. 

I stirred it altogether and this is what I got. It goes great with my Cotton and Steel orange peel cushion (which I don't think I have blogged) so I want to make another for myself. Actually, once I made my little four patches of color I didn't know how to arrange them. I just laid them down and thought, "That doesn't look quite right, but it's not terrible. I sent a picture to Nicole at Snips Snippets. She worked it like a Rubik's Cube and said move this here, that there, and then trade those 2 and Bam!!! in 2 seconds flat it as perfect and balanced. 

I wanted to keep all of the color on the center of the pillow so as much as I dislike cutting bias, I did, and added a simple piping border and rounded corners. I love to finish projects up with a little hand stitching but I am not good at filling negative space so I got some help from Mary over at Molly Flanders who, I believe, is the queen of hand quilting. I am so lucky to have such talented friends who share their expertise!!
My partner prefers a zip closure which I had never done before. It does make a nice finish and I will probably never make an envelope closure again. Here is at the back with a peek of the lining inside. 

I pieced a little label together and need to finish it up. I considered stitching it but think that I will stamp it. I loved making this pillow for my sap partner; it was a fun experiment! and look forward to making another. LizzyHouse is a great designer which is an area where I do not have any skill.
Today I am starting this quilt by Nicole at Snips Snippets. I think I have only followed 2 patterns in my life as I find it easier to kind of make things up as I go, but the minute I saw this quilt I knew I wanted to make it! I pulled the fabric for this back in December and am finally going to start it. The pattern can be found in Love Quilting and Patchwork Issue 17. There are a lot of fun projects in this magazine but Nicole's Carousel quilt is my favorite. Happy Wednesday!!! Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Vintage Bird Baby Quilt

Hi!!! Hope you are well! I thought i would pop in with a quick blog post of my first quilt finish this year. I have been doing a fair amount of sewing but have only been posting on Instagram but would like to find a better balance between blogging and IG. I love the fabric line Milk, Sugar, and Flower by Elea Lutz! I didn't have a specific project planned so i ordered a charm pack to see what it looked like in real life and figured I would probably make a cushion for my youngest daughter. The next day I received a birth announcement from my sister's niece so I decided the charm pack must be for her!

I took inspiration from the bird print ( the mint birds are my favorite!). I found a vintage bird embroidery then used my sister's overhead projector to enlarge the image and transfer it to the fabric. The bird that is standing upright is 9 inches tall which seemed like a lot to embroider so I decided to appliqué the birds and branch then embroider the flowers.
I used the cat and bunny print from the line for the backing and some Lizzy House pearl bracelets for the binding.

I had to get creative with the design since I only had a charm pack to work with and added in a few other prints from some other lines. The quilt is 35x45"and was a lot of fun to make! Have a fun weekend!! Linking up with Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts for Sew Cute Tuesday on this Friday :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Finish it Up Friday: There's a Mouse In the House!

I have wanted to make Christmas stockings for our family for 3 or 4 years and i have a stack of fabric to prove it. Making eight stockings has seemed like a lot so I broke it into some smaller goals. I decided to make a start and do some selfish sewing and try to get stockings done for the  four girls. Next year I will make the boys' and Steve and I's stockings. Sometimes starting is the hardest part!
I jumped in and didn't get any input from the kids. I love cute mice (think Nursery Versery) and I also love quilts so a Christmas mouse nestled under a Christmas quilt seemed like a good idea. This is a pattern I found on Etsy and changed up a little to work for my project.

I opted for a candy colored  Christmas color scheme as you can see. I am not a big seasonal fabric person and usually make seasonal items by using certain colors but there have been some cute vintage inspired Christmas fabric that I could not resist. 

In typical Gina fashion, I did not start out with a definite plan for each stocking. As the girls have seen me working on this they all say they want mice on their stockings. I will probably stick with appliqué and embroidery for the girls' stockings and go with patchwork and whole cloth for me and the boys'  stockings.

I appliqued the mouse then used bullion knots for the sheet. The mouse is lying on a stack of pillows and I made Christmas trees on the bottom pillow to tie into the Christmas theme. This stocking is for my strawberry girl so I, of course, had to add in a strawberry!! None of my local fabric stores carry white velvet which is what I wanted for the cuff. The closest I could find was crushed panne. I added some special vintage ribbon that my friend Amy sent me and the p.s. I love you tag was from another bloggy friend :). One stocking down 3 to go (for this year). I can do it! That would be 1 a week to be done by Christmas. I am so happy to be linking up with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday. All year long I have watched Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches sew up Christmas presents so she can be done with her Christmas sewing before Christmas. I am excited to finally be able to link up with Ho, Ho, Ho And On We Sew hosted at Rose and Dahlia for November. Hope you have a finish or 2 this fine Friday as well!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Finish it up Friday: Scattered Leaves

This week I was able to finish up my orange peel cushion. I had made the background about a month and a half ago but needed to finish up some other projects before doing the orange peels. We bought a new couch a couple of months ago and I wanted to make some cushions to brighten it up. Making orange peels has been on my "want to make" list so I took the opportunity to try them out.

I used a random-ish leaf placement, raw edge appliqué, and black thread to help define the leaves. I hand quilted in the areas where diamonds formed.

I also hand quilted leaves in the squares where there was a leaf missing. Each square is 3" finished for a total of 64 squares and the cushion finishes at 24 inches. I love Cotton and Steel and had fun working with all of these prints!
It took nearly a yard of fabric for the back  so I used a print I had in my stash that had some trees on it.

I also made my October blocks for do.Good Stitches this week. We made plus blocks with bright pluses and low volume backgrounds. We used this tutorial. They were fun to make!!
Jane is Queen for Wombat Stew this month. She has a camp trailer she wants to make a quilt for so she chose a camping theme. I made this camp fire for her and Kristy made the pattern. It was a great week!! Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday. She has blogged about an awesome quilt you might want to check out. Have a great weekend!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Finish It Up Friday: The Trick or Treat Halloween Swap

It was a good finish to complete my fourth and final swap for September! The swap was the #trickortreathalloweenswap hosted on Instagram and Flickr. i didn't take any pictures of the extras I sent only the handmades.
The only requirement of the swap was to make this drawstring bag and fill it with some goodies. It was a fun and easy tutorial to follow. For my partner I decided on a patchwork bag and I wanted to add a few embroidered squares of Halloween icons since I had no Halloween fabric. I added in some Halloween colored fabrics and did buy a couple of Halloween prints to add in and for the lining.

This panel ended up being the back of the drawstring bag.

I appliqued trick or treat on the front of the bag.
I also made a little fox and pumpkin mug rug. I went with a more fall theme to last longer than Halloween. The pumpkin was a free pattern that finished at 3" and I used scraps to make it. The fox pattern I bought on Etsy. All of my partners liked foxes, even the partners that were not part of the fox swap.

The last item I made was a Not So Spooky Haunted House complete with a cute Monster in the window. I had a lot of fun sewing swaps this month and am looking forward to participating in some more swaps after the first of the year. Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday. Have a great weekend!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Finish It Up Friday : A Little Mug Rug

I have a dear friend, Jola,  who lives across the ocean in Europe. I enjoy reading her blog and seeing her cute creations and her beautiful crochet. Every now and then I have a happy surprise in the mail box with a post card of a place she has travelled to in her country. I love snail mail! Especially of a place I have never been but would like to visit.

One day Jola shared pictures of some cute signs she had bought for her sewing space. I loved both of the signs but thought one of them would be perfect to translate with fabric into a mug rug. If you read Jola's blog you will find she likes a cup of coffee and a small treat. The post card theme was perfect too!

I drew up the templates for the coffee pot, creamer, and mug then used raw edge appliqué to put them on the fabric. I used my Sizzix letter dies to cut out "coffee". I did not have any dies in the size I wanted for "good idea" so I used rubber stamps to stamp them onto the fabric then cut them out and sewed them down. Jola sent me the wooden bird on the tag so I guess that is the gift that keeps on giving :).

Every post card needs to be stamped so I used some of my favorites that Nicole had sent me. ( her stamp tutorial can be found here). Jola, her daughter, and I all love strawberries so it had to have a strawberry along with some birthday flowers and some happy California sunshine. I used rubber stamps and fabric ink for the postmarks. The international air mail stripe for the binding was something I bought awhile back and had been waiting for the right project to come up to use.

Of course I had to label the mug rug and thought a stamped deer would be perfect for my dear friend. Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday. Hope you have a great weekend!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Finish it Up Friday: The Fox Swap

Another week, another swap is ready to go. This week I finished making for  the fox swap. I think foxes are cute so I was a bit excited for this swap!
I started with the main project. For this swap we  needed to make  a fox related item. After seeing my partner's mosaic she made and reading about her likes I decided to make a wall hanging. I found an image on Etsy I liked so i sketched that out as best I could. I then made a photo copy of the iage to cut out the pieces of my pattern.

Before cutting my pieces out I sketched over my white felt with a color crayon in the areas that needed brown and pink on them. I used older Under to fuse the felt to the fabric. . Next, I started adding in some details with embroidery thread. I tried to give the tail and legs some definition as well as the chest and mouth areas. Then I moved on to the grass. I do not have any variegated thread so I layered 3 different colors of green.

I cut the butterfly from quilting cotton  and appliquéd it down then embroidered the body, antennae, and butterfly trail. Then I fussy cut the mushroom and appliquéd it down. I used some different stitches on the flowers like french knots and the wheel stitch.

I then embroidered the vines. I felt like it was lacking something and thought about adding some little flowers and french knots to the vines. In the end I decided I did not have enough time and settled for adding two simple leaves with the flowers.
Lastly I wrapped the piece on a 12x12 art canvas. I glue basted a pice of batting to the canvas before adding the fabric. I still need to add a label to the back then it will be ready to send.:) 

For a smaller item I made another fox place mat. I used a Cotton + Steel print that instead os chevrons I like to think of this fabric as being little fox faces :)

I cut into my little scrap of Heather Ross fox fabric and made a wrist pin cushion. I am not sure how practical this pin cushion is but it sure is cute.

The fox pattern came from an issue of Mollie Makes and the Snappy wrist bracelet came from a sewing book I have. Do you find that sometimes it takes you longer to box and mail the swap than it took to make it?! Deadlines help!!! Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts who is hosting Finish Friday. She is showing her Fox and Friends redo which is a very cute and clever quilt! Have a fun weekend!!!!