Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sarah Jane Blog Hop 2014: Wee Wander Play Mat

Today, as a part of Sarah Jane's Wee Wander D.I.Y. blog tour I have a Wee Wander Play Mat tutorial for you. I have been reading Sarah's blog for about 5 years which was before she started designing fabric. It has been a dream come true to have her illustrations on fabric! I have sewn with all of her lines and all my girls have Sarah's prints on their bedroom and bathroom walls. My youngest has her room decorated with Children at Play and that line as always been my favorite... but Wee Wander is my new favorite. Sarah's illustrations always bring back my best childhood memories and make me so happy while I am creating things with them! Thank you Sarah Jane and Michael Miller Fabrics for such a fun D.I.Y Blog Hop!! On with the tutorial...

*1 yard of Summer Night Lights in pink (Front of center panel)
*1 yd of Summer Night Lights in blue (back of center panel)
*1 yd. of fabric for inside lining (back of barn doors. I used Wander Woods in pink)
*Linen piece: 20 1/2"x 35"
*1/3 yd roof fabric (i used green feather print): Cut to 12 1/2"x 35"
*1/3 yd fabric for pockets
*2 yds fusible batting (goes on barn doors and pink center panel)
*4 yds fusible ultra firm stabilizer (fuses to each inside lining and blue center panel). I had hoped this would allow the play mat to stand upright. It didn't work though so a medium weight interfacing would probably be adequate.
*fabric scraps and wool felt for applique
*1 package single fold extra wide white bias tape for barn doors
*2 packages double fold brown bias tape for fence on the pockets (optional)
*26" lace or ribbon for the closure
*3 strips 5"x width of fabric (WOF) of linen to make binding for roof, edges where barn doors meet, and the bottom of mat. Due to the angle changes of the roof I highly recommend that you join the binding strips on the bias
*2 strips 7"x WOF linen to make extra wide binding (for edges that join the center and barn doors)
*sewing machine, pins, thread, rotary cutter and cutting mat, scissors, iron
*Please read all instructions before starting
This tutorial is intermediate and requires knowledge of applique and how to do quilt binding. I have tried to simplify so the tutorial is not too long so feel free to email me if you need any help.

I hope you have fun making a play mat for yourself and I would love to see it if you do! A post will follow this one of the Play Mat in action.


  1. I'm getting to the end of the post thinking," Wait! I didn't see enough!" Then read that you"ll show it in action soon...Phew! That thing is too awesome! And the fabric is lovely. I'm embarrassed that I have only paid attention to fabric designers for the last year or so, so basically I don't know who anyone is. And 5 years ago I didn't know what a blog was!! So I'm loving this fabric line!! Great project.

  2. Fantastic tutorial Gina! Such a perfect little play mat! I love the way you've done the fence! And using the selvage on the barn door, awesome! So many amazing little details!

  3. Oh my goodness - so much fun!! Well done Gina :-)

  4. What a wonderful play mat, Gina! Love all the details inside and outside. I am sure the Girls are having a lot of fun playing with it. Thank you for the tutorial! I absolutely adore Sarah Jane's drawings and her fabric Wander Woods is so cute!

  5. Fabulous project Gina and a great advert for a fun fabric line too.

  6. So cute. Cant wait until my little girl is old enough for things like this! Two questions - do you prewash your fabrics? And is this linen the same material you used as your quiet book pages from a while ago? I'm going to try and make a quiet book with the same type of styling and I just looooooove the page backgrounds you used.

    1. I only prewash when i make clothing but for an item like this that willl not be thrown in the washing machine i do not prewash. Anything to save me laundry and ironing!!

  7. One last question! On your quiet books - how did you make the fabric with the words? Did you print on the fabric? Stamp it? It is so adorable. Any tips I would appreciate!

    1. I backed the fabric with double sided Wonder Under and then used my die cut alphabet. You can find a font you like and trace it (mirror image) onto the Wonder Under then cut the letters out. This is the same type of linen for the play mat as i used on the quiet book. Thank you for your comments!!

  8. This was the set of photos I found online that linked me back to your blog:

  9. Yay! Thanks so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate it. Last question (at least for now! Haha!). On your quiet books did you use interfacing on the entire page backing? I saw that people used the wonder under on the little fabric pieces they added to the pages, but I wasn't sure if you were using it on the entire page back itself. Also, if you used the quilt batting between the pages, did you like the feel of the pages? Were they stiff enough or were they too floppy? Thanks so much for all your help!

    1. I did not use interfacing, only batting. I like the padded feeling of the pages. Fabric books are kind of floppy things. Adding interfacing would add a bit more wok to your project but if you were wanting something a bit more rigid then it would be a good idea to add it.