Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Wee Wonder Play Mat in Action

I shared the tutorial to make this play mat earlier as part of Sarah's Wee Wander D.I.Y. Blog Tour but I also wanted to share some action photos of the mat in action. First, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news : We went to Kauai on spring break last week. We just returned on Easter in the very wee hours. Bad news: I lost my dslr camera between the airport and home so all these pictures are taken with our little point and shoot. Double good news: TSA at the airport in Lihue has my camera and are sending it back to me! I am sooo thankful! I use my camera most every day and it is my most prized and loved material possession. How could I possibly leave my most prized possession at a TSA checkpoint you ask? I was too busy keeping track of my 5 kids {college boy didn't get to come as his spring break didn't line up with the other school kids :( }, husband, and the 60 pounds of other necessary things I was carrying like blankets, ipads, coloring books, crayons, reading books, hand sewing project, and sippy cups, etc

Wee Wander is a gorgeous fabric line! My twins are into fairies right now so as soon as they saw this girl in the tree they immediately said she was a fairy. The scale of her to the barn makes this very believable!!
It is always fun to include a bit of selvedge in a project!

I had hoped the interfacing would make the mat strong enough to stand on its own but this did not come to pass.

The pockets in action.

I made some felt critters to go along with the play mat. The fawn was made from a QuikCutz die and the raccoon was a pattern in Mollie Makes. I backed the lightening bugs with fusible fleece and cut them out so they would "stick" to the Fabric and can be moved around and counted. I need to make a fabric mason jar to place them in too.

The puppets are very popular and so fun to make! I got the patterns here. (She has lots of cute printables too).

Fairy doll pattern found here. One of the twins has started making these dolls so I am sure we will have a whole collection soon :)


  1. Oh how adorable!!! I love all your pictures...little girls doing little girl things :) So happy you will recover your camera!!!

  2. I completely understand how you left your camera! You are amazing! I love this playmat and the accompanying dolls! So perfect with Sarah Jane fabric!

  3. You're so clever! This is gorgeous! And ARGHHHHHHHHHHH - the camera! Thank god they found it!

  4. Love, love, love it!! I think the fireflies are my fave! I love how you made them so they're able to be moved.
    You my friend, are awesome! (and i'm glad to hear that your camera is making it's way back to you!!)

  5. Delightful and beautiful and so imaginative!! What fun for your girls to play with and on!! I love how the barn doors open up to reveal your fanciful land of wonders... where all things are possible!!


  6. Dear Gina, it is great to hear, that your camera is on the way to you :) And the play mat is great, super idea! :)
    Have a nice time :) Jola

  7. I can't think of a more adorable way to use this fabric line ... your girls look like they are having heaps of fun :)

  8. This is so adorable! Your talents amaze me!

  9. I am so glad you are getting your camera back!!! The play mat is so so cute! I wish I could have a wee play with all the puppets. :-) Sarah Jane's fabric is absolutely perfect for this projects. Well done, Gina!

  10. that is so gorgeous - the photos of the girls playing are fab!