Friday, November 21, 2014

Finish it Up Friday: There's a Mouse In the House!

I have wanted to make Christmas stockings for our family for 3 or 4 years and i have a stack of fabric to prove it. Making eight stockings has seemed like a lot so I broke it into some smaller goals. I decided to make a start and do some selfish sewing and try to get stockings done for the  four girls. Next year I will make the boys' and Steve and I's stockings. Sometimes starting is the hardest part!
I jumped in and didn't get any input from the kids. I love cute mice (think Nursery Versery) and I also love quilts so a Christmas mouse nestled under a Christmas quilt seemed like a good idea. This is a pattern I found on Etsy and changed up a little to work for my project.

I opted for a candy colored  Christmas color scheme as you can see. I am not a big seasonal fabric person and usually make seasonal items by using certain colors but there have been some cute vintage inspired Christmas fabric that I could not resist. 

In typical Gina fashion, I did not start out with a definite plan for each stocking. As the girls have seen me working on this they all say they want mice on their stockings. I will probably stick with appliqué and embroidery for the girls' stockings and go with patchwork and whole cloth for me and the boys'  stockings.

I appliqued the mouse then used bullion knots for the sheet. The mouse is lying on a stack of pillows and I made Christmas trees on the bottom pillow to tie into the Christmas theme. This stocking is for my strawberry girl so I, of course, had to add in a strawberry!! None of my local fabric stores carry white velvet which is what I wanted for the cuff. The closest I could find was crushed panne. I added some special vintage ribbon that my friend Amy sent me and the p.s. I love you tag was from another bloggy friend :). One stocking down 3 to go (for this year). I can do it! That would be 1 a week to be done by Christmas. I am so happy to be linking up with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday. All year long I have watched Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches sew up Christmas presents so she can be done with her Christmas sewing before Christmas. I am excited to finally be able to link up with Ho, Ho, Ho And On We Sew hosted at Rose and Dahlia for November. Hope you have a finish or 2 this fine Friday as well!